Starfinder – Infinite Space: Forbidden Weapons\Experimental Arms

Welcome back to Voracious Gamer! I’m running a homebrew Starfinder group and looking to dive into some third-party material to make my games more memorable and my universe bigger and such. Wanted to do writeups as I go for folks to reference to for me to learn more too. The first supplement I want to add is one of the Infinite Space additions by LPJ Design it’s called Forbidden Weapons & Experimental Arms. I couldn’t resist picking this one up let’s figure out what it’s all about.

Thanks to the mingling of magic and advanced tech the arms dealers of the galaxy have got some truly unique gear for folks willing to pay. Many of this gear is outlawed in civilized space and unavailable to normal citizens others are experimental only so very rare. Looks like many of the new weapons deal necrotic (N) damage, the Enervating weapons attack EAC but some attack KAC delivering both necrotic and piercing damage (P & N). We’ve got two new weapon properties to learn.

The first new weapon property is Nullifying. These weapons don’t inflict damage within their AoE but instead dampen the telepathic abilities of those it hits. Reflex save (DC = 10+1/2weapon level _attacker dex mod) or be unable to use telepathic communication for many rounds equal to the weapons level. Nullifying doesn’t dampen magical telepathy!

The second weapon property is Static. Static AoE prevent all forms of electronic communication within the area of effect for many minutes equal to the weapon level. Devices moved outside of the AoE function as normal. For communication equipment worn as armor the wearer can attempt a Reflex save (DC=10 +1/2 weapon level + attackers dex mod) to avoid the effect. This property also doesn’t interfere with magical or telepathic forms of communication.

The supplement wraps up with three pages of weapon descriptions and the weapon stats themselves let’ see what we’ve got. EMP weapons! They fire a harmless to the living burst of energy that ignores DR of nonliving electronic, powered creatures and equipment. Limited range on it due to the EMP beam losing coherence quickly. Power armor is immunes to most EMP weapons and EMP weapons are useless against any kind of force fields. There are two tiers of EMP Pistols (Tactical and Advanced) as well as two tiers of EMP Rifles (Tactical and Elite).

Enervating Weapons are the next type. They are generally banned and despised in every civilized star system. They function by suppressing the targets life force. An enervating weapon fires a focused beam of purplish-black particles. These particles siphon off the targets physiological energy, leaving them all weak and tired. They don’t effect machines and constructs. On a crit with an enervating weapon targets take a fort save (DC = 10 + ½ Weapon level + Attacker Dex Mod) or gain the fatigued\exhausted condition (varies with weapon). If a target is already fatigued and fails the fort save they become exhausted instead. There are two tiers of Enervating Pistol (Spectre and Wraith) and two tiers of Enervating Rifle (Vampire and Bodak). These weapons in general suffer from slow recharge and poor range but do awful things to the living!

We’ve got new grenades in the supp too! They are designed to hinder rather than injure. There are three tiers of Jammer Grenades that release some radiation into the area of effect that prevents all forms of electronic communication, radios, wireless networks and all that jazz. The second type of grenade also has three tiers and is called the T-Scrambler Grenade. It’s an experimental and thus rare grenade that bombards creatures hit by it with unique radiation to hinder their telepathic abilities. If a creature fails its reflex save it cannot send or receive telepathic communication until the field dissipates.

Projectile weapons are up next while the weapons themselves are like regular laser rifles and such their ammo is highly specialized and in most cases illegal. The first type is the Boneshard weapons, the shells fired contain bone shards laced with necrotizing toxins that create agonizing wounds and promise a slow demise. Most planets forbid the use of Boneshard ammo or haven’t heard of it. Militaries and mercenaries that run into the use of Boneshard ammo generally offer no quarter to these enemies to take the ammo from them or punish them for using it. There are two tiers of pistol that appear macabre and covered in skulls and death runes. (Tactical and Advanced. There are also two tiers of Boneshard Rifle that has a more utilitarian design compared to the pistol (Tactical and Advanced).

The next type of ammo is for Burrower Weapons. Extremely rare, expensive and despised they fire organic projectiles frown and assembled in illegal genetics labs. Each shell has a beetle like insect. The insect burrows into its victim on impact and releases a powerful acid before dying. Since Burrower rounds are living creatures they fall under many custom laws regarding transportations and importation of life forms. Even hardened criminals don’t want burrowers or stock them it’s just seen as a stain on your character and reputation. Evil bullets for evil guys it seems ha. The burrower rifle is oversized like a scattergun and may or may not have a disturbingly organic appearance!

Chakram weapons are the third new type, they fire thin razor-edged discs about half the size of a human palm. The discs are magnetically launched at tremendous speed. They’re virtually silent other than a slight whisper as the disc ejects from the weapon. Assassins and stealth strike teams have taken to them for that reason. The Chakram pistol comes in two tiers both easy to conceal and simple in design (Tactical and Advanced), the Chakram Rifle also has two tiers (Tactical and Advanced)

Two more types of rounds to discuss in this little supplement. Riot Rounds, can be used in any small or longarm designed to shoot standard rounds, it’s made of plastic thus deals nonlethal bludgeoning damage not piercing. Tracker Rounds are the second type and again any small or long arm designed to shoot standard rounds can fire them. These rounds mark or ‘tag’ a target with an electronic or radioactive beacon. Any person with right sensor equipment can track marked targets up to a mile away. Some barriers and materials can block the signal, the tracker lasts for 24 hours.

This gear is not cheap! Ha the rest of the pages are the weapon stats themselves, the credit cost and charge/cartridge info. My players aren’t wealthy, evil or a high enough level for some of these weapons just yet but I’m going to throw them in on some particularly nasty NPC eventually. For 1.50 USD, this supplement is worth it if you want to incorporate some forbidden weapons and new tech into your game or you need something monumental for your big bad to wield. There are many plot hooks here as far as the legality, trade and production of these weapons not to mention their use and such. Nice little addition to Core Book I’m going to make it available to my Homebrew group and ‘cannon’ in my universe! There’s an Infinite Space bundle on DriveThruRPG for 10 bucks that comes with all 8 of the Infinite Space supplements if you want to grab them. I’m probably going to so look forward to more reviews and breakdowns!