Learnin’ Through The Breach – Part 3 Character Creation Steps 10-14

Hello again, time to dive back into Wyrd Miniature’s RPG Through the Breach. Please check out the first two posts in the series to get up to speed. I’m going to keep on keepin’ on with character creation we may finish but who knows. Getting excited to see how the game actually plays and to finish this crazy character that’s been evolving over the last several thousand words. Without further ado..
*pic of book incoming
Step 10, Pursuit. Your characters Pursuit is like their world view or approach at life, kind of a ‘class’ but something that defines their actions and such. There are 7 to choose from and the no brainer for our character is Graverobber. They’re spellcasters who specialize in necromancy ha. Too good.
Step 11, Derived Aspects. There are a few aspects that we haven’t assigned yet because they are defined using a combination of Physical, Mental Aspects and your characters skills. The derived aspects are, Defense, Willpower, Wounds, Walk, Charge, Height and Characteristics. The Derived stats don’t change all that much as your character advances in this game.   The first is Defense which is equal to 2 + Speed Aspect or Evade Skill (choose highest). Our character has no evade skill and speed 0 so he’s at the lowest possible defense of 2. Aye, that falls in line with the glass cannon build so far. Willpower is 2 + Centering or Tenacity (choose highest). Our character has Centering 1 and Tenacity 3 so Willpower of 5. Initiative is the characters Speed + their ranks in the Notice skill. Speed is looking more important than I expected in determining these derived aspects. The initiative for our character will be 0, that is the bonus added to the initiative flip (more on flips down the road!). The next Derived Aspect is wounds, Wounds are equal to 4 + Toughness, heyoo! Our boy is coming in with 7 wounds and if the character has a positive resileince stat they can add half of that (rounded up!) to their wound total so he’s at Resilience +3 adding 2 more and totaling at 9 wounds. He’s slow but he’s tanky. Walk is 4  + half the characters speed (character decides to round up or down). Charge is equal to 4+ Speed but if this value is less than the characters Walk aspect then they can use the walk aspect for speed. Things may be sounding a bit jargony here but bear with me just two more. All of these stats will make a lot more sense once we’ve read the gameplay section of the book. Height is 2 for human characters. Characteristics determine what type of thing the character is. Since we used the Character Creation from the core rules the “crossroads tarot” our character will start with the Fated and Living Characteristics. There’s a little note at the end here that Aspects derived from skills with suits associated gain that suit to their total. The total for our characters Willpower for example would be 5 tomes or 5 crows what ever suit is associated with the centering skill (assuming there’s a chart for that?). I’m not really understanding that last bit. I looked back at skills and Centering for example isn’t associated with a suit that I can see so I don’t know what would translate to derived aspects using Centering in their derivation equation. We’ll touch on that again later and keep on moving no, almost to the end of this process!
Step 12, Talent. Talents are quirks and certain abilities that the character has gained in life these are more than just skills though as they have more of a significant effect on the characters life. Each character gets one general talent from the book. It’s noted that talents can also represent some new way to accomplish problems or get around character shortcomings. *thumbs through the talent section of the book* There are a good selection within the book, most of some kind of pre reqs in that they need specific Aspects to be higher or lower to take. I’m just choosing one that I qualify for being a Fated. It’s called Great Fate. The jist of it is that Fate smiles on our character and allows us to draw an additional card in to our control hand. The control hand is drawn at the end of the prologue. We’ll figure that stuff out later. Digesting an RPG is no small task even coming from miniature games it’s a lot to read and consider. One step or section at a time though, I’m a believer that players who put more work into their characters make the whole game better.
Step 13, Equipment. Each character starts with 10 guild Scrip to buy starting gear. If you start with a ranged weapon you get five reloads or ten rounds which ever is more in ammo for free. The pursuit we selected may grant some bonuses as well. If your character is a spellcaster we select a bunch of magic related things and stuff at this point too. We’re holding off on Magic rules until after learnin’ the game mechanics. Then your character gets a place to live, some food, and a few changes of clothes. The aesthetic look of your equipment and things is completely up to you. Looking at the Graverobber pursuit I see that our character will start with One Necromancy Magia, One Magia of Prestidigitation\Enchanting\Sorcery and three immuto. Now that’s total gibberish to me but my RPG background would have me thinking we get two spells from the schools noted that may have limits on how often they can be used and three instant spells or reusable ones? Our character is going to buy one handaxe for 2 scrip that can be thrown and some armor called a Brigandine for 7 scrip I don’t know the weapons and armor rules so hopefully these are valid purchases we’ll find out more as we work our way through the book. With our characters last starting scrip I’ll buy a harmonica because who doesn’t play music to their creations before bringing them back to life. I don’t know enough about the city or fluff of Malifaux to say where our guy lives so lets say he’s been staying in a wagon that used to move his act around but he’s boarded over the colorful adverts and turned most of the interior into somewhat of a necromancers lair. If a 5 by 8 foot wagon could count as a lair that is. But his was\is mobile if we cared to reanimate enough corpses to pull it or rent\borrow a horse. He wears the black brigadine padded armor over his frilly magicians shirt and a tux jacket over that most of the time. He’s got a white version of the tux too and a shabby sunday suit to complete his wardrobe. He used to have a dog but it ran away.
Step 14, Twist Deck. Characters have a twist deck due to being Fated. This is made up of 13 cards and allows the character to twist Fate in their favor during the game. Each of the four suits Tomes, Crows, Masks and Rams must be present in the 13 card deck. You select a suit to be your characters Defining, Center, ascendant and descendant suits. There is a chart showing which numeric cards from the suit go into the twist deck based on its status as a center\defining\ ascendant\ descendant. We’ll choose crows for example as the Defining Suit to get a 1,5,9,13 of crows added to the twist deck. Our Ascendant Suit will be tomes, adding 4, 8 and 12 of Tomes to the twist deck. The Center Suit will be Masks giving us a 3, 7 and 11 of masks in the deck and the Descendant suit will be rams finishing the twist deck with a 2, 6 and 10 of Rams.
*pic of created twist deck
That’s it! we’ve created a character albeit an unnamed one. The last tip which I think is a very good one is to write a sort of autobiography in your characters voice to understand how they act and speak in the world and to have something for your fatemaster and other players to get an idea of who\what you are. The character creation chapter was a lot of fun to roll through making our example. It felt weighty enough but seemed to streamline through. One complaint is the last page of the chapter has a sample character creation using these two guys Brett and Aaron and it’s an unpleasant read. Brett does this but Aaron feels like that and Brett likes white bread but Aaron doesn’t have class until four even though Brett had lifted the shelf high enough and Aaron couldn’t fit all the way underneath the tree. It’s like who the eff is Aaron and Brett, I write rambley blog posts and even I had trouble with this one. Wyrd should have used FM (fatemaster) and Player as the examples for character creation. That’s a super small unimportant gripe though. This character creation was simply a blast. I feel like we’ve got a solid thing to start building a story off and our FM could use the destiny in the game and such. Digging this game more and more. Although I wonder how it translates to folks who either don’t know the mini game but do know RPGs or those who do know the mini game and don’t know RPGs. It’s a rough transition game I think but for that niche of folks who a) dig RPGs and have played other systems and b) play Malifaux it’s pretty damn sweet. We still need to read the details on the skills, talents and magic we’ve selected but we need the core game mechanics to make heads or tales of it so we’ll begin covering Gameplay mechanics in Part 4.
One more thing, let’s name our Character ‘Aurelius De La Cruz Ven’ formerly known as the Amazing Aurelius!
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