Learnin’ Beestwars Part 2, Playtest lists and Starter boxes

Heyo one and all we turn towards Beestwars once again the interesting set of rules that I’ve recently learned (check it out here) are based on the ShieldBash system by Zombismith games. The model range is entirely sculpted by Gary Hunt. Which is pretty cool indeed, I don’t know that many ranges are completely done by the same sculptor? In the last post we ran through the quickstart rules, why not continue on with the goodness and build some playtest lists. The aforementioned Zombiesmith site has two new starter sets available for the Clovis and Geladan. Let’s break them down and see what they contain as we prep for play.




Starting with the Clovis because Satyr Bob.. The Set comes with eight minis. Two named characters and six rank and file folk. We begin with Slewdaar Stone Hoof a Clovis Champion wielding a Two-handed sword. He’s a 48 point Hero with Reach and Wallop as his abilities. Reach means he can get a free attack on any fighter that moves in to attack him BEFORE them and he can attack models within 1″ without being engaged. He can also fight over a friendly models’ shoulder if he’s in base contact. Hero means he ignores the effects of Scary and he’s got the Brawler and Elite abilities. Warbands may only have one hero for every 100 points with a max of four heroes. Wallop means he can more easily perform powerful blows rather than normal attacks. Elite has him shrugging off wounds and allows him to recover without spending an action. Brawler is the last ability that comes paired with him being a Hero it means folks attacking him don’t get skill bonuses for having allies engaged too. He’s pretty badass to say the least!

Next we’ve got another hero Narbonensis the Mean, I don’t see his model individually on the store but he’s in the starter and he’s got a Sword and Shield. He’s got the highest Sk rating of the Clovis. Coming in at 37 points he’s got Hero like Slewdaar and Skirmisher. Skirmishers can make a check to avoid discombobulation, ol’ Narbonensis is going to be hard to pin down in one place. We’re coming in it at 85 points now let’s flesh the 200 points out.

We’ll go ahead and add the Minotaur warrior with the two handed weapon to add some more reach to the crew for 28 points. Then we’ll add Satyr Bob and his two friends all with a spear, more Reach and the bodyguard ability. The bodyguard ability means each previously hired minotaur can have a satyr linked to them for protection from ranged and melee attacks. To round out the force why not take another minotaur this one is a Skirmisher with two weapons who costs 25 points. We’re using seven of the eight models from the starter with a shield wielding minotaur to spare.

200 points of Clovis

Slewdaar Stone Hoof 48
Narbonensis the Mean 37
Minotaur with Large warhammer 28
Minotaur with two weapons 25
3x Satyr with spears 60
Total = 198 point




Now for our simian opposition the Geladan, their starter comes with 4 models. The first is a hero named Goffa Four hands and he’s riding a warbeast looking gnarly. He costs 55 points and he’s got the cavalry ability which allows him to basically hit and run. The second hero from the starter that we’ll add is Aari Keeneye for 45 points. He like Goffa Four Hands has an Sk of 15. He’s rocking a bow and has the abilities Aimed Shot, Ranged Weapon and Dead Eye for 45 points he brings out list to 100. The other two models in the box are a Geladan with a spear which is not listed on the available stat blocks and athird hero named Sheko Long Tooth. We already found out that Heroes are restricted to 1 per 100 points. Let’s add some models that come outside of the starter to flesh this out. First of all another Geladan with a warbeast and a bow for 58 points he’s got a similar ability loadout to Aari Keeneye. Then We’ll use Shenko Long Tooth from the starter as basic Geladan with Scimitar and Shield for 22 points. Here’s the full list.

200 points of Geladan

Goffa Four Hands on warbeast 55
Geladan on warbeast with bow 58
Aari Keeneye 45
Geladan with scimitar and Shield 22
Total = 180



Since we’ve got that extra Geladan with the spear who isn’t on the stat blocks yet I’ll call him 20 points to round out to 200 on the dot and make our two forces fairly even when it comes to points. We’ve got the bodyguard melee skirmishing Clovis vs Mounted and ranged Geladan. We shall see how the battle plays out! I’m going to see about grabbing both starters and the mounted bowman on warbeast here at the end of the week to make these lists a reality and to make our playtest sexier of course.

Please do check out Zombiesmith’s site and Gary Hunt’s facebook page and miniatures lineup. I’m intrigued by the both the line and the mechanics of this game. Follow me @vorgames for more industry news and updates on my hobby projects.

Happy gaming!

After writing this I found a pic of Narbonensis the Mean on Gary’s main miniature site, it’s listed as Clovis hero on Zombiesmith.





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